A MasterHeart Experience with Luke & Christa

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The Love Yourself Retreat



Nashville — July 27-29

Urban Cowboy Nashville (Get Directions)


Because you want to love yourself — and loving yourself is the linchpin to the life you’ve always desired.

Because finding the inner frequency of unconditional love allows you to finally come alive inside your own skin.

Because you know it’s time to stop putting off what need to do, shift yourself into an elevated emotional state, connect with the Divinity inside you, and upgrade to your highest spiritual Self.

Because when people get around us they experience a brighter, higher, aligned and divine sense of who they are and were created to be.

Because it’s time to meet, merge, and be your most-loved self!

We are looking for thirty-five devoted, dedicated, surrendered aspirants who know they are destined to explode love into the world by fully loving themselves.

If you have lived your life in search of love, like us, and want tools to access what you already possess, this retreat is for you. It’s for those who, deep down, feel unworthy of love like we did, and want to experience the depth of love that abides within a spiritually devoted life. It’s for those of you who are tired of performing for love, prostituting yourself for love, serving for love, all the while hating yourself in the process--it’s time to love yourself!


Because finding the inner frequency of unconditional love allows you to finally come alive inside your own skin.


A Note From Christa:

My whole life has been one big quest to feel loved.  

‘Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so’….so why, even after praying that prayer on the trampoline as a kid and feeling the reality of God’s love like lightening….why did that reality seem to go away?  And why couldn’t I get that feeling back and keep it inside my chest?

I searched for that feeling of love in the approval of parents and friends, morphing into a people-pleaser and performer. I fought for that feeling of love with the praises of man, becoming all you needed me to be to keep you from leaving. I thought maybe famous people’s love would be powerful enough to fix me, or that looking a certain way would lock in love where it would never leave.

And then, my ‘salvation’--the love of a husband came. The love of a man committed to adore me ‘until death do us part’ put a ring on my finger.  Surely, this would be the solution to all of my problems. Surely the love of this man would be the medicine to finally make all my inner pain go away, patching me up inside and satisfying my eternal heartache.  

But Luke’s love, though powerful and strong, wasn’t powerful or strong enough.  And it made me angry. Infuriated. Hopeless. Despondent.

My husband’s love was never meant to save me.

My salvation lived inside all along.    

Last year when Luke left our marriage and my deepest fear that I was unlovable was coming to life, I was given the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. I finally came face to face with my biggest demon---ME and my hatred of myself--and found out that it’s bullshit.  Every day, I had to drag myself out of bed and make a conscious choice….I could either feel sorry for myself and let my outward circumstances of abandonment define me, or I could finally stop abandoning myself.

I committed to love me, until death do us part.

I committed to love me, in sickness and in health.

I committed to love me, in good times and bad.

Are you ready to love yourself like this?


A Note From Luke:

I am scared to death.

I am afraid of failing.

I am afraid of lying.

I am afraid I will ruin any sort of leadership entrusted to me.

I don’t really want to lead you.

I want you to know that you can lead and love yourself.

I am afraid that showing you my ways, my little secrets, my little ‘wooden box of knick-knacks’ that helped me love myself will give you the impression that I am a master of this.

But I am just a student, like you are, learning to accept and love who I truly am.

I am a cheater.

I am a liar.

I am a fraud and all the way broken.

I am crazy.

I am compulsive.

I am a sinner.

I am hurting and I definitely hurt people—especially the ones I care about the most.

I have betrayed trust and destroyed my life.

I have abused power and driven people I care about away.

I have become that which I feared the most…..

Myself at my worst.

It was at my worst, when I was living out all my secret terrors and pains, that I discovered the key to the mystery I have been trying to solve my entire life. I learned that there is a system, a way, a step-by-step process that will ensure that my deepest desire to find love is always accessible. I learned tools in this last season that, if I was willing to trust and apply like my life depended on it, I would never be without the love I will always want.

At my worst, I learned to love myself. At your worst, you can love yourself, too.

And we’re going to teach you how.