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Christa taught me how to truly look inward for the healing I so desperately needed. It’s been three years and I now meditate regularly, feel connected to my femininity and to God, I’m more peaceful in the midst of chaos, and I finally feel at home in my body. I’m forever grateful!
— Jessica
I have taken 3 companies public, recovered from being $1mil in debt and had hundreds of employees in multiple states across America. None of that compares to the skills I now have after working with Luke.
— Eric Kerr



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Hey guys! We are Lucas and Christa.

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Thank you,
Christa and Lucas Gifford


My wife and I have been seeing a somatic trauma specialist for a while and we both had experienced a little breakthrough. But after walking her through only one practice that The Masterheart Man taught me, my wife experienced more clarity, breakthrough and trauma release in that single sitting than through 2 years of therapy.  

The way this course is layered and the order in which Luke guides you through these practices is nothing short of genius. Luke is an expert of the highest order.  This is easily the best $1000 I’ve ever spent.
— James
Working with Christa has brought me to a place where I’ve learned how to be deeply rooted in love and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve learned how to release trauma and pain through my body on a daily basis—and that negative emotions are my friends. Discovering Luke and Christa and the beautiful work they are doing has been an unmeasurable gift in my life, I will never be the same!
— Nish
Through Christa Black Gifford teaching us vulnerably , bravely, transparently , honestly, EVERYTHING is different. I see me. I hear me. I am feeling me more. And I am astounding . Tough circumstances remain, but I am discovering how to thrive in it , and shame is meltin away and I’m NO LONGER LIVING FROM FEAR!!!! Where my messy religious world had never accepted, answered or known what to do with my questions , doubts, unique way of synthesising Spirit, and longing for an unconditional Love, Christa has birthed a community wnere expectations, judgment or guilt and control do not exist.
— victoria
“Luke helped me see that I was playing small in my life. The Masterheart Man gave me the emotional and spiritual skills I needed to take the most impactful shifts to be the one calling the shots. I was blind to myself, but now I see.
— Jason
I’ve been following Christa since 2009 when her early blog posts first inspired me to seek healing. When I hit rock bottom at the end of 2017, it was her course that helped me pick myself up off of the ground and equipped me with tools (such as meditation) to break free from a cycle of shame, self harm, and suicidal ideation. I was just looking for a reason to stay alive, but the practices she teaches have helped me to connect to myself and God in a way that’s helped me thrive. I’m not just surviving and holding on for dear life anymore—I’m living.
— Alura