Become the hero of your own life

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Go on an 8-Week Journey to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Power, Purpose, and Presence as a Man.

Men all over the world feel trapped like I did. You may be one of them.

…Trapped inside the troubles of marriage.
…Trapped under societal pressures of status, wealth, family, and provision.
…Trapped inside religious boxes.
…Trapped in unfulfilling jobs for a paycheck.
…Trapped by addictions and pornography.
…Trapped in cycles of inner rage, emotional numbness, and unhealed pain.

But the greater truth is that when we ignore our shit our world goes to shit—inevitably leading us to feeling trapped.

But as we all know, shit can also be a powerful tool to make things grow and come alive, which is why I assume you’re here.

If you’re ready to stop running from your shit, and instead, learn how to use it to become the man you’ve always wanted to be, this process may be for you. It’s time to lock arms with a group of men, turn around to face your demons, conquer them together inside true masculinity, and learn to lead like a real man--from your heart.

Over the next 8 weeks, I want to teach you how to become the hero of your own life.  

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To master the dark You

must see from the heart.


Most men have very little awareness of what’s going on inside.  But the measure of a man is not in what he produces but the heart from which he produces it.

The Masterheart Method is designed to give any man emotional infrastructure, powerful internal self-leadership, and the kind of deep, heart connection that creates the profession, the love, and the sex he wants, creating the life he’s always desired.

You need access to your heart to access your true power as a man.  

And I’m going to teach you how.

Once you learn these simple practices and develop them in your life through repetition, accountability, and course curriculum, you can then use them as your power source in the boardroom, the bedroom, or the boxing ring.

  • Learn tools to get ‘unstuck’ from old negative patterns.

  • Feel how you want to feel in any situation.

  • Become the strongest heart in any environment.

  • Train for the emotional and mental pressures of life.

  • Know how to show up as a heart-centered masculine lover.

  • Heal from past pain to create a healthy future.

  • Shift into a calm, clear, confident state at the snap of your fingers.

  • Lead your family, relationships, and business as a heart-centered leader.

  • Increase your external wealth as your internal wealth becomes limitless.

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Week 1: Meditation For Masculinity™:Awakening the inner warrior

Week 2: The Masterheart Method™: Practices for transformative Masculinity

Week 3: The Masterheart Method™: Predefining™: The Practice of owning your emotional state

Week 4: The Masterheart Method™: The emotional Deep dive™: Becoming your own hero

Week 5: Masculine Leadership: Developing Confidence, Clarity, connection: Healing The inner wounded child

week 6: Transformative Relationships: honoring the inner feminine

Week 7: Living as Love: learning to live WHole

Week 8: You are king

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In 8 weeks you will…

- Learn daily practices to ground, center, and cultivate yourself as an integrated man—body, soul, and spirit.

- Develop the skill of feeling how you want to feel, whenever you want to feel that way.

-’Unfreeze’ from old destructive patterns, creating positive momentum.

- Use your sexual energy as a creative force to produce life in all areas.

- Learn heart-centered tools to cultivate intimacy and relationship.

- Become a magnet for abundance, wealth, and influence.

- Feel whole, powerful, and confident at the snap of a finger.  


When You Join, You’ll Also Receive:

  • Group Facebook LIVE Check-In Calls With Luke

  • Guidance and Perspective Training

  • Accountability Partners & Community

  • Daily Guided Meditations

  • 2 Calls With Luke

Limited spots available!

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I literally feel like a man on fire, back from the grave. After learning from Luke how to embody the Masterheart Man, I’m now razor sharp, and the revolution just keeps spreading to my marriage, kids, finances, and every part of my life.
— J
If it wasn’t for Luke and what he taught me...I might not be alive today.
— V.
I have had the most success I’ve ever had with my internal world because of The Masterheart Method. Before, I didn’t have a full capacity to handle my own pain, but now I have this incredible capacity to handle my internal world. In 21 years of marriage and 40 years of life this has been the most revolutionary help I’ve ever received.
— J.
Luke helped me discover and define who I am on the inside. I now not only know who I am, but I’ve been given the tools to become that.
— D
I knew I needed this, but I didn’t know how deeply it would change my life.
— D.
I’ve tried everything...therapists, psychologists, group support meetings, psychedelics, prescription medication...Luke’s techniques not only convinced me that I had what I needed within myself but HOW to access it in the snap of my fingers. I am forever grateful.
— A.
These tools are incredible impactful. The eco-system of love and trust I have in myself now is undeniable. My self-destructiveness has become my self-discovery.
— T.
My wife went with me to break up with my girlfriend. I never imagined that I could be this in love with my life.
— H.
Luke’s practices and perspectives helped me double my income, deepen my self-awareness, create a life I never imagined possible.
— N.


We all have a dark side--things we hope and pray no one will ever discover about us as men. But your personal darkness will haunt your world until you learn to own it, move into it, learn from it, turn on the light, and harness it as a power source.

I know the dark side of masculinity.  I also know it will destroy your life if you pretend it’s not there, like it almost destroyed mine.

I cheated on my wife.

I left my family.

I lead us into $100,000 of debt.

I hid my porn addiction.

I lied to everyone I loved.

I refused to take responsibility for any of it.

I hurt almost everyone who loved me and who I loved.

In desperation, I read every book I could find on masculinity and manhood. I watched every YouTube video I could to try and to learn how to be a man.  And though I found bits and pieces, none of them gave me a clear answer.

It was inside my personal hell that I found the true power of masculinity I’d always searched for--inside my masculine heart.    


Today, my marriage is thriving beyond my wildest dreams.

My family is happy and healthy.

I’m having the best sex of my life.

I live as an honest, open, integrous, powerful, respected man.

I’m generating increasing wealth by following my heart, following my calling and purpose.

Why did I create The Masterheart Method?

Why is it so important for you to become a Masterheart Man?

Because as men, we’re always blowing things up.  

I’m going to teach you to blow your life up the right way, creating the man you’ve always wanted to be…

A Masterheart Man.  

Have any questions?

Text me! 615.507.9485