As a man, your intentions are what distinguishes you. They have paved your path and they are creating your future.

The problem is that most of us are completely unaware of our intentions. And even if we were, changing them can be challenging in the face of a lifetime of programming & patterns.

It’s not enough to simply decide to be better. Or to vision board harder.

We must re-experience our past and re-imagine our future to re-engineer our present—which is what Masterheart 2020 is designed to do.



Embody: practices, meditations, masculine experiences.


Masterheart: 2020 is designed to…

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The Masterheart Man was the most important 8 weeks of my life. IT WAS a rebirth of my masculinity and a rousing of my sleeping wild-man. Far from a conference high, or just another course, this was the genesis of a lifelong commitment to love myself, an initiation into my own power, and a sacred discovery of the greatness inside my bones.

-D. Berndt

“I have taken 3 companies public, recovered from being $1 milLION in debt and had hundreds of employees in multiple states across America. None of that compares to the skills I have now. I used one of the skills I learned in MHM to step into a meeting of business leaders and I became the leader in the room. I was able to see how valuable my failures were and how much further ahead of my peers they had put me. I launched a business that day that I never would have had the courage to if it hadn’t been for Luke and the MHM course.”

- K. Erikson

I have been pursuing personal development for years. While I'm grateful for what I've learned, most of it paled in comparison to the impact this course has made on my life. It actually shifted my internal world in a way that has created an external ripple effect which is tangible and undeniable.

-Josh. C


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